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  • Goletas.Security .NET library

    Security, .NET, Cryptography

    Goletas.Security library implements data protection capabilities similar to the .NET 4.5 framework DataProtector class but with the ability to rotate keys. The algorithms used in the DataProtector … more

  • Screen Capture

    C#, .NET, Tools

    With its seamless integration into Microsoft Windows, the Goletas Screen Capture program aids you with capturing any part of your virtual screen and saving the captured area to the clipboard and/or a … more

  • C# Collections

    C#, .NET

    Goletas.Collections is a set of data structures engineered for optimal performance. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required to compile the source code. What's Included? SortedSet - This is the … more

  • Fast HexStringToByteArray and ByteArrayToHexString conversion

    No Comments June 1, 2011

    Recently I needed to efficiently convert hex strings to byte arrays. .NET Framework provides BitConverter.ToString() for byte array to hex, but there‚Äôs no hex to array equivalent. BitConverter itself … more